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NeguimBeats: "Smooth"

NeguimBeats: “Smooth”

Our favorite Brazilian beat maker is back with some fire. Peep the goodies under the hood!
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​Natalie ​Lauren RedEyes (Official Music Video)

​Natalie ​Lauren: “RedEyes” (Official Music Video)

if you have ever lost someone, or something close to you than Natalie Lauren's RedEyes will definitely speak volumes. The artists formally known as Suzy Rock pours out her heart over a fitting drake instrumental with words of pain and hope.
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Christon Gray: "School of Roses" Review

Christon Gray: “School of Roses” Review

Roses have become a symbol of love. As one looks at a rose, they can see the two parallels that they posses that come with love. The petals ...
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Dorian Grey: "UNCMMN"

Dorian Grey: “UNCMMN”

Dorian Grey is an emerging artist from Tucson Az. Since the age of 13, he has been composing and performing across the West Coast. With a style all ...
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JuSouL: "Touch"

JuSouL: “Touch”

The homebase of producer JuSoul, the dirty D of Germany if you will, is the industrial landscape of the Ruhrgebiet around the cities of Duisburg ...
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